It's just not working...

Between the FDA reports, Dog Food Recalls, Blogs on what should I feed my it really working?

My dog Tucker was adopted with no medical history and EVERYTHING I fed him made him crazy itchy.  I spent 2 years trying to figure out where I was going wrong and spent thousands of dollars to trying to help him.  No matter what I fed him, he was itchy or sick.  I thought the dog food manufacturers were doing the right thing, right?  They have to know more than I do, right?

WRONG!  They are in it for the money, bottom line.  After 2 years we were a little more educated, but still out of options.  RAW, DEHYDRATED, KIBBLE, WET, DRY, HOME COOKED, GRAIN FREE, HOME DELIVERED...and here we are again.

So when you can't buy make it.  I went back to the basics, removed all foods, added in human grade and he go better...BUT I was broke.  Did I mention he is 100 lb Lab?  

So I got certified as a Pet Nutritionist (not easy as a business major) and I am home experimenting with flours and treats for Tucker.  I figured if I have the itchiest dog in life, I have the perfect dog to try different recipes and get this right. Concentrating on dog nutrition was where I started and then used Tucker to experiment with the recipes.

We are starting with Jerky dog treats (Ground Chicken Breast, Ground Turkey and Ground Turkey and Berry) and regular treats that are Gluten Free, Pea Free, Corn Free, Legume Free, No Sugar Added and Human Grade.  No preservatives, no additives, no dyes...back to the basics.

I am heart sick on this industry and knowing they don't care about the nutrition for dogs.  We do and we are not going to stop until we find the right formula and keep going!